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I have built this website to educate as many people in Australia as I can about ionised alkaline water, and the ramifications of having an acidic body versus an alkaline body.

Unfortunately, sickness and disease has become the norm these days, but not enough people are asking why…or at least doing anything about it. It scares me to think that most of the processed foods and drinks on the supermarket shelves these days have limited nutritional value and only make our bodies acidic. This, combined with pharmaceutical drugs combine into a downward spiral unless changes are made.


“The pharmaceutical industry is a multibillion-dollar one that makes a profit on the population’s ability to get sick and stay sick. In Australia alone, the turnover of the whole pharmaceutical industry for 2012-13 was over $23billion! 

 – Azita Vind (www.zelife.com.au), Nexus Magazine, Aug-Sep 2013


I see parents buying soft drinks for their children in the supermarket, and they have no idea what this incredibly acidic substance is doing to their little bodies. Don’t get me wrong, as a mother I used to do the same, but, according to the saying ‘what you don’t know, you don’t know’ – I now know better, and wished I had known then what I do now.

Personally, before I was introduced to alkaline ionised water I was at a stage in my life where I thought I had chronic fatigue which slowly crept up on me. I was severely lacking in energy and had brain fog and difficulty concentrating. Added to this my insomnia was so bad, some nights I’d still be awake at 4am. Not only that, bouts of depression would come and go quite regularly. My diet was relatively good and I was drinking what I thought was enough water (tap and bottled), but it wasn’t reflected in how my body was feeling.

I tried Enagic’s ionised water for the first time in 2014, drinking a few glasses one afternoon at a friend’s house. That night I slept deeply and continuously for 10 hours (this was the first night of decent sleep I’d had in over 2 months), and I was only woken up by the phone ringing. That was a miracle in itself, however when I finally woke up I was absolutely astounded by the amount of energy I had. Not only that, the brain fog had completely disappeared overnight. I honestly couldn’t believe the complete turnaround that my body had undergone. I realise now that I was dehydrated, and that the  water I had been drinking was not getting to my cells like the ionised water had.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, during that time I spent many hours researching, looking for alternative cures for cancer and how I could overcome it without going down the ‘traditional’ route that most people take (or are brainwashed into taking). One message alone stood out for me that was most consistent, and is summed up by Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, who received the Nobel Prize in 1931: “Cancer grows in oxygen deprived acidic tissue. Disease cannot exists in an alkaline body.” In 1923 he demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterised by two basic conditions – acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

The message is clear on all counts. Bob McCauley in his book ‘The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water‘ states it so well…




I have to be extremely thirsty these days before I drink anything else than ionised water, and I doubt I’ll ever drink soft drink again (do you know that it takes 38 glasses of alkaline water to counteract one glass of soft drink because it’s so acidic??).

These days I look younger and feel younger. My skin is softer, my energy levels remain high but steady, I don’t get sick or suffer from headaches, brain fog or sore muscles anymore. I spent a few days with a friend interstate recently who had a severe case of the flu (and ended up taking over a week off work), and I didn’t even get a sniffle. AND I can finally feel reassured that I’m doing everything in my power not to have to go down the cancer path again. I also know that I am reversing the aging process by drinking this water, rather than oxidizing my body.

Here’s to your health and the health of your loved ones.

Erica Morgan

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