Water is an important but often overlooked nutrient for horses. As a matter of fact, water (the often forgotten food) may be the “greatest medicine” for many specific ailments for all animals.


A horse’s body consists approximately of about 65-75 percent water. The 10 percent discrepancy can be accounted for by differences in age and amount of body fat and muscle mass. Water is critical for all body metabolic activities, and is required for a number of fundamental physiological processes, including normal utilization and digestion of all nutrients, regulation of body temperature, and muscle contraction with strength, joint lubrication and waste elimination.

Source water has many toxic chemicals. Salts in water may be toxic at high levels and reduce palatability. Substances that are toxic without much effect on palatability include nitrates and fluorine, as well as salts of various heavy metals. Nitrates and Fluorine are found in both well and city water sources. The source water can also be contaminated with nitrates, lye, ammonia, and chlorine.

Hardness of water is actually caused by inorganic calcium and magnesium. There are many microorganisms in our water supply that can cause animal health problems. Other possible contaminants include coccidia, staph, strep, virus, lepto, etc. Chemicals found in water could be detrimental to livestock production. Safe levels of herbicides and pesticides in water for animals have not been determined at this moment in time. New technology creating premium drinking water for horses is now available in the United States and eliminates the toxic chemicals in source water.


horse-drinking-waterThe Case For Ionised Water!

Water requirements for horses are influenced by several factors, including rate of weight gain, pregnancy, lactation, and activity, type of diet, feed intake, and environmental temperature. A horse’s body is made up of about 280 litres of water on average. We know that muscles, tendons, and the tissues in a horse are fairly delicate and the quality of those tissues will result in a horse’s performance and their resistance to injury.
Does it surprise you that the quality and quantity of water that a horse consumes is a crucial part of this equation? Ionised water technology is now available for horses and other livestock with the Super SD 501 and they too can enjoy the health benefits of this miracle water.

What alkaline, ionised water will do for your horse or herd:

  • Provides optimum hydration
  • Increases energy
  • Prevents degenerative disease
  • Provides a powerful antioxidant

In short, performance and health.


Following the growing research on the health benefits in human consumption, alkaline water was used in place of tap water as the sole source of water for dairy cows. These are the observations noted by participating veterinarians:

  • Noticeably increased appetite with no new supplements added to their diet. Increase in appetite noted in older cows as well
  • Food well digested
  • A beautiful sheen on the cow’s hair
  • Higher fertility rate and higher pregnancy rate
  • New-born calves fed with alkaline water matured quicker
  • A dramatic increase in milk production
  • Improved liver condition
  • Strengthened legs
  • No adverse conditions noted from consumption of alkaline water
  • Minimizing of sicknesses; tremendously improved health condition, therefore fewer visits by vets


horses_eatingHorse Nutrition and Horse Feed

The Internet is overflowing with information about horse nutrition and horse feed which makes it hard for the horse owner to make a decision about which feed they should use in their feeding program. Various health problems can come about when our horses are fed a higher acidic diet, and those problems are commonly referred to as the five man made diseases (colic, ulcers, laminitis, navicular, and tying up).

It must be noted that regardless if you feed a cool diet or a hot diet horses naturally, through the process of digestion of their food, produce acidic waste. In other words, a hotter diet produces more acidic waste than a cool diet.


Bag of horse feed with a measuring canThe problem with today’s horse feed

Top nutritional researchers and Dr. Tim Kempton of Stance Equine, agree there is one undeniable fact; the modern high Non Structural Carbohydrate (NSC) horse feeds are causing serious metabolic disorders in horses, similar to obesity and Type II diabetes in humans.

Non Structural Carbohydrate (NSC) is the common term used to simplify the sugar and starch content of the feed, i.e. the digestible carbohydrates. NSC was initially used to describe the sugar and starch in dairy cow feeds. Just recently, it has been recognized that horses are not designed to digest high levels of sugar and starch, and that the NSC levels in horse feed were not being measured. When horses digest sugar and starch in the stomach and intestines, and absorb glucose, they also release insulin from the pancreas to help the uptake of glucose into cells, i.e. the cells are sensitive to insulin.

When high levels of NSC are fed, the cells become resistant to insulin, i.e. the horse is insulin resistant, and blood glucose levels rise. Insulin resistance is associated with metabolic disorders including laminitis, EMS, Cushings, colic. High NSC feeds (>12% NSC) are also related to tying up. Modern horses are being overfed in high NSC feeds, and under-worked. The question therefore is “Are you killing your horse with kindness”?

Today these benefits are available for your horse when you choose the Super 501 model by Enagic which is the Gold Standard of ionizers. This unit makes 7 types of water. When horses and livestock drink restructured micro clustered water it allows the smaller clusters of molecules to be easily absorbed into the cells, and effectively neutralize the lactic acids (acidic waste) which are then washed out of the body, therefore allowing the body to heal itself and prevent future disease.

It is our goal to educate and provide relevant, easy to understand information backed by science that helps horse owners understand the alkaline/acid balance. Horses really enjoy the taste of alkaline water. Simply change the drinking water to promote and intensify greater health benefits by them drinking more of the right type of water. Horses are a huge investment and many of us are honored to be their stewards in charge of their wellbeing.

We owe it to our horses to keep them in the best physical condition and protect their  health with this premium alkaline micro-clustered water. The Super 501 is a great solution and asset for your cows and or horses with its ability to make all 7 types of water. This machine was designed and built for commercial uses such as for hotels, restaurants, farms and the like.


Strong Acid and Strong Alkaline Water Applications
  • Thrush (2.5 pH Strong Acid Water)
  • Lacerations and Wounds (2.5 pH has natural anti-botic properties)
  • Ringworm (2.5 pH Strong Acid Water kills on contact)
  • Scratches (2.5 pH natural antibiotic properties)
  • Fungus (2.5 pH kills on contact)
  • Colic (9.5 pH drinking water)
  • Ulcers (9.5 pH drinking water)
  • Tying Up (9.5 pH drinking water)
  • Laminitis (9.5 pH drinking water)
  • Founder (9.5 pH drinking water)
  • Autoimmune Disease (9.5 pH drinking water)
  • Diabetes (9.5 pH drinking water)
  • Inflammation (9.5 pH drinking water and 11.5 applied to the swollen area.


Ionised water testimonials from horse owners

 “I train race horses on the West Coast. I have a big Quarter horse that developed a breathing problem that required surgery. It is a pretty common operation and the affected throat flap, “a trapped or closed epiglottis” is surgically repaired. I had sent the horse back up to my ranch in Oregon and my wife Shelly was handling it. She called me a couple days later and said the Vet had come and performed the surgery but had to open the throat up pretty good to get to the problem. The horse got antibiotics and the wound was treated but left open to drain, which is normal.

A few days later Shelly called again and said even though she was applying the wound salve the Vet left for her the wound was get infected and starting to smell, The following day she said it was getting real bad and the next day it was stinking so much she could barely go into the barn. By evening she could smell it all the way up at the house- a good hike away!

I had just bought my Enagic Water Ioniser and liked what the water had done for Shelly and myself just from drinking it.  At first Shelly wanted to kill me for buying this crazy water deal machine but she was liking it because her complexion cleared right up and she felt a lot better too. My martial arts workouts and progress has been huge since I started.

Well we had been told that the 2.5 pH acid water could stop infections and we were out of time and choices so I asked Shelly to give it a try. She made some and sprayed it on a couple times a day and son of a gun if the smell and the wound didn’t start to get better in a day. IN THREE DAYS IT HAD REALLY GOT TO HEALING! There was no more smell and no proud flesh, it was really something.

That horse healed up twice as fast as other horses that never got infected! I told my buddies that I was all in believing in the ionised water. We are using it more and more and liking how good all the horses are doing with it. We are using it on as many horses as we can and I hope to get my third machine, a Super501 for all the horses at the barn!” – James



“My horse is 5 years old and he gets 4-5 gallons of ionised water a day.  He definitely chooses his ionised water bucket over his water trough when it is full.  His coat is AMAZING and he recovers from his work Hunter/ Jumper work quite well.  He rarely ever shows any soreness.  

I soak his lunch (not hay) and supplements with 9.5 as well so they can be absorbed more efficiently into his body as he is still filling out and we’re trying to put weight on as well.  I have used 2.5 on thrush as well as cuts and scrapes that he gets from being turned out since he is still a baby and plays a lot.

I have definitely seen an increase in his energy and playfulness when turning him out from before he had this water.  I also recommend 11.5 for soaking and cleaning your bits.  I just cleaned my copper full cheek snaffle for the first time with 11.5 and the dirt came right off.  I then dipped it into 2.5 as well! I also have several dogs that drink ionised water, and they love it!” – Dani




“My name is Skyeler Icke and I am an international equestrian specializing in the sport of three-day eventing. Tika has been my international partner for the last 4 years. Together we have competed all over the country and represented the US in many CCI three day events.

In the summer of this year Tika got a cellulitis infection that spread through her blood stream and eventually traveled to her stifle joint. She was rushed into immediate surgery and we lost most of our competition season this year. The vets believe the infection started due to a weakened immune system and the stress of performance and travel. Cellulitis can begin when the bacteria enters through any scrape or cut in the skin.

I began using the ionised water machine shortly after her surgery. I have been giving her the 8.5 on a daily basis. I then use the 2.5 to wash her legs after she has any skin irritation or cut. Since using ionised water, Tika has been back to her high level of performance. She has not had any recurrence of cellulitis which she used to get a couple times a year. She is back in international competition and even with the 5 months off of competing this year, she has finished in the top 10 event mares in the country for 2009”. – Skyeler Icke




“For the last 14 years I have been a breeder of Arabian horses and competed on a National level. I have four National Championships and numerous Reserve and Top 10 honors with my show horses.

I have for many years been into healthy foods and alkaline water and have done the same for my horses by choosing an alkaline cool over the traditional hot acid diet. I feed Timothy Hay, Colorado Grass Hay and one of my favorite grain substitutes is a fabulous new product called Cool Stance made from coconut. I thought my horses were on the perfect low NSC diet and I gave no consideration to the quality of water they were drinking.

After reading about ionised water one year ago and buying my own machine I was curious what it could do for horses. I could not find any testimonials so I did my own experiment. My mare was going to the big Scottsdale Arabian Show in February and she competes in Western Pleasure. Her routine at the show was to be two 45-minute workouts daily, which I knew would of course cause swelling and inflammation in her legs and they would need to be wrapped.

 It is common at the shows to walk the barn aisles and see leg wraps on the majority of horses from being worked hard. I decided to bring Magnetic Pashahn, 25 gallons a day of fresh ionised alkaline water for 17 days at the show. She drank a good majority of that water daily and was always eager when I arrived with fresh 9.5 pH water. What I observed is her legs never swelled up from inflammation and she was pain free rather than sore. She never had to wear leg wraps the entire show whereas the other horses did. It was truly incredible!

I recommend the use of the 2.5 pH for scratches, ringworm and cuts. The 5.5 pH is of course excellent for manes and tails and keeping the skin from being dry. The drinking water is phenomenal for horses especially on a heavy grain diet where they are at risk for ulcers, laminitis, founder, tying up (all the man made diseases) since it neutralizes the lactic acid build up. The 11.5 pH is great for horses that have swelling in their legs and one can wrap a soaked towel around the swollen area then put a standing wrap bandage on and wait 30 – 45 minutes. It is amazing to see the swelling recede! “ – Rhonda Davis, Arizona

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