“I purchased Enagic’s SD501 without ever tasting the water or seeing a physical machine. My wife got the MRSA staff infection 3 times over a 4 month period. She started drinking the water and now going on 4 months has not had any outbreaks.

I have been battling high cholesterol for the last 15 years – starting at the age of 25 my cholesterol was 205, during my 30’s is has been ranging from 220 to 257. I have never taken any cholesterol meds and have been moderately active in exercise.

I just got my cholesterol results two weeks ago and my total cholesterol dropped from 257 down to 144, my triglycerides dropped from 120 down to 69, my LDL cholesterol dropped from 183 down to 91. This is no placebo effect. I have tried dieting, eating healthier foods, vegetable juicing etc… without any good results in reducing my cholesterol.

At the end of the day, I really don’t care what skeptical chemist, doctors, etc… has to say since they believe if it can’t be proven scientifically then it can’t be true. Remember this, RESULTS DO NOT LIE!!! - Sal, Phoenix, AZ

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