Colds & Flu

“One thing that makes me a firm believer in the power of ionized water is the fact that I raised a family of 5 children. The oldest 2 were in their late teens when we got our first water ionizer. They had allergies, colds, infections, etc. far more than the younger three. As a matter of fact, whenever I saw a cold symptom in the horizon, I’d get that child some extra water, and continue to get the child to drink extra until the symptom disappeared. The body really will heal itself if you give it the right water. I have had the same results with myself, but the fact that this worked for my whole family is significant in my eyes.” - C. LoGrasso




“I am never sick since getting the machine, and all my friends and clients love that I share the water with them. My client who got me interested in the water got rid of her Fibromyalgia with the water. She feels great, I feel great, I am happy to spend my money on something that helps me rather than at the doctor’s office”. Barbara Nelen, Orlando Florida

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