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Ionised Water Crohn’s Disease Testimonials:

Question: “Hello, Nancy, I came across your site while attempting to research options for my chronic and sometimes dangerous dehydration requiring IV fluid replacement. I have Crohn’s Disease, a permanent ileostomy and dumping syndrome. I cannot seem to stay hydrated in spite of drinking 10 or more glasses of water per day, including Pedialyte to help offset the cramping from loss of electrolytes. My skin looks dreadful and the fatigue is crushing, not to mention cramps on my feet and legs, dizziness, etc. Do you have success stories related to people like me switching to ionised water? Any information is greatly appreciated”. Jane

Nancy’s response: “I am sorry to hear about your challenge with Crohn’s disease. I know several people who have it and how difficult it is to live with. I have been drinking ionised water and I have also been sharing this water with my friends and clients for nearly 6 years. I have seen many people with various G.I. tract disorders significantly improve while drinking this water.  It is not that the water itself “cures” anything, I believe it is effective because drinking this type of water provides the optimum environment in the body to heal itself. The ionization changes the structure of the water (micro-clustering of the water molecules) which makes it six times more hydrating than regular water because it is so much more absorptive at the cellular level. In addition, the antioxidant potency of the water may help reduce inflammation, and the natural alkalinity of the water helps with pH and mineral balance in the body. As I am sure you know, all three of these properties would be beneficial for anyone with Crohn’s. Most of the clinical studies with ionised water have been done in Japanese medical hospitals and clinics over the past 35 years. Many of the clinical studies involved gastrointestinal disorders”.







“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease approximately 20 years ago. I started drinking ionised water approximately in December of 2008. For the last 3 years my disease had slowly but steadily gotten worse. There are many foods such as certain fruits and vegetables that I could no longer tolerate to eat. Loose stools and diarrhea became the norm and not the exception. Heartburn and acid reflux were an everyday occurrence for me. I had decided that this was just the way my life was going to be. I was always going to have to keep my medication with me and say goodbye to the foods I could no longer eat. I would probably have as I got older, at the least, scarred intestines and at the worst, colon cancer. 

The very first day I started drinking ionised water, my heartburn and acid reflux disappeared. Within a week my stools became normal and I actually had a bit of constipation. That hadn’t happened since I was 18! I haven’t had to take any medication for my Crohn’s since I started drinking ionised water. I’m slowly adding back the foods that I couldn’t have and am glad to report that I can tolerate lettuce and grapes again. I’m so looking forward to trying watermelon this summer. I have missed that the most. Because of the very nature of my disease, my body does not absorb vitamins very well, especially the B vitamins. On top of that, vitamin supplements made me sick to my stomach. Not only is my body now getting vitamins from my food more effectively, but I can tolerate supplements again.

I always thought that I slept well for the most part but after a week of drinking ionised water I realized I didn’t know what good sleep was. I woke up refreshed (I thought that was just a saying) and ready to start my day. I still have aches and pains, because I’m an active 42 year old, but the strains and pinches don’t last as long or are as intense as they used to be. A strained back muscle no longer knocks me down for the rest of the day but only for a few hours. I don’t have to take stronger medications to get rid of the pain like ibuprofen (which irritates the stomach) but can get by with just Tylenol. I always knew water was good for you and an important part of bodily function, but I never thought it could change my health so dramatically. Thank you Mindy, Rick, and ionised water!”  - Staci Daniel, Leigh, NE

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