diabetesDiabetes is a group of diseases marked by high levels of blood glucose, also called blood sugar, resulting from defects in insulin production, insulin action or both. It is the result of a pH imbalance around the pancreas which interrupts the way the body produces and uses insulin and sugar. With this ailment the pH is low, very acidic. You need to balance the pH in the body in order for the immune system to be functional and in harmony.

Diabetes can lead to serious complications and premature death, but people with diabetes can take steps to control the disease and lower the risk of complications. Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2, is the third leading cause of deaths in the US and it is continuing to grow and become one of the greatest epidemics. According to the National Diabetes Statistics in 2007, 23.6 million people in the US (300 million worldwide) have diabetes (including people that have not even been diagnosed) — 7.8 percent of the population has diabetes. There are 750,000 new cases each year. We spent $174 billion last year in US for Medicare and lost wages. And once we inherit diabetes through the lifestyle we live it can be passed down genetically to our children.

To understand what happens inside your body relating to the development of diabetes, let’s look at the life cycle of a peach. I think everyone has taken a bite of a peach which is not ripe yet. It is hard and has not yet become sweet. The peaches will become sweeter as they ripen with the sugar content increasing. In the end of the life cycle the peaches become too soft and enter the spoiling stage where they over soften and start to bruise. The cells of the peach are ‘melting down’ as the peach ages. The increase of sugars within our body leads to cellular deterioration/bruising with potential limb-amputation and ultimately death.

Ionised alkaline water is very permeable to the cells in the body, allowing the acidic state to return to normal healthy conditions. The water is also a very high antioxidant which will neutralise the free radicals and toxins in the body. Diabetes cannot occur when the body is healthy and in homeostasis. Ailments and diseases cannot survive when the body is in a slightly alkaline environment, the same state we are born with. The water has three properties: alkaline, micro-clustering and antioxidant. This is the same miracle water which millions of people have collected from healing springs around the world, such as the Lourdes in France.

It is observed that about 80% of diabetes patients who start drinking ionised water show lower blood sugar levels within 2 weeks. At Kyowa hospital in Kobe, Japan, at least 2 diabetics with lower limbs gangrene, who had not shown signs of recovery despite months of pharmaceutical treatment, saved their limbs within a month after they turned to drinking of ionised alkaline water and soaking in strong oxidized water.



Excerpt from “How to Play the Diabetes Diet Game and Win” by Julia Hanf

Ionised alkaline water is medically known to help the human body to recuperate from being dehydrated and also to recover from other types of diseases that are associated with dehydration. This could be due to the fact that ionised water contains clusters of five to six water molecules, making this an excellent hydrator as smaller elements can move through the cellular membrane more easily. Regular water from the tap contains twelve to fifteen molecules of water which makes it more difficult for the human body to absorb and utilise water effectively.

How is it linked to diabetes? A research study done in one of the hospitals in Korea show that diabetic patients taking alkaline ionised water have greater chances for recovery and blood sugar level stability compared to those patients who were following the usual diabetic patients’ regime.


In this study, diabetic patients were grouped separately; the group having a regular insulin shot and the group taking alkaline ionised water. The result of this study was explained in Dr. Won H. Kim’s book entitled “Water of Life”. He explained in this book the remarkable differences that were observed after the study was conducted.

Accordingly, patients who followed the alkaline ionised water therapy have had stable blood sugar level, while the other group which continuously had insulin shots never attained stable level of blood sugar. Their blood sugar levels have been rising and falling; a condition which is fetal to diabetic patients.

Aside from this study, other researches also proved that ionised water works best in keeping a person young as it slows down the maturity by alkalising the body and cleansing the intestines. Moreover, the toxins that have been built up in the body were reduced, most especially in the body of diabetic patients, making these patients healthier and more able to fight the effects of the disease.

Why does this happen? Ionised alkaline water removes toxins from the body preventing the serious build-up of ketones. Excess ketones show up in the urine when the blood cannot handle any more, and can be a danger sign that a diabetic may be headed towards falling into a coma or worse.

Ionised water also aids in balancing the pH levels in the blood. A person’s pH levels in the blood need to be pretty precise in order for the body to function in the best possible way. Ionised water aids the body in counteracting the effects of acidic foods that tend to encourage obesity.

Ionised water is also a remarkable antioxidant. An antioxidant is a vitamin or nutrient that has a spare electron in its outer shell which they can contribute to free radicals. Once a free radical has all its electrons back, it becomes a normal healthy cell again. To duplicate the antioxidant effects of ionised water with vitamins, it would cost a lot of money and require an individual to take a lot of vitamins.





“In January of 1999, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II. Then in 2003 I collapsed for no apparent reasons at my work. As the months, then years progressed, my life continued to plummet with constant doctor visits that seem to produce no results. They couldn’t fully understand the results my tests were showing. I was suffering from multiple conditions, ranging from Fibromyalgia (also called fibrositis) to Diabetes TypeII.  

I was having widespread and chronic pain in the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the joints of my body, accompanied by various fatigues and other varying ailments. Some of these ailments included things like low testosterone levels, vitamin and vitamin D deficiencies, backaches, headaches, poor vision, hearing loss, poor sleep and even severe depression. It got to the point I could no longer walk and was using a wheelchair for everything. Just the simple act of getting up to do a shower or use the bathroom became a two person task.

Things were extremely hard on me and my life became very secluded and very isolated. I left my house maybe once a month and my children could see that their father suffering without getting any better from the doctor visits he was doing. I was raised to believe that doctors have all the answers when it came to my health and well being. I have since learned the hard way this just isn’t always the case. Then one day, something unexpected happened – An opportunity walked through my front door and into my life. It would forever change me, my family and our views on healthy bodies – Ionised water.

My in-laws, the Moringstaurs, brought with them a vast wealth of information on drinking water and water in general. They spent a short time educating me (and my family) on the benefits of ionised water and how it could really change our lives.   I was really a skeptic on all of it. They knew me well when it came to things like this and simply suggested that I (and the family) try drinking the water for 30 days and see how we felt.

It was something important enough for all of us to resoundingly say, “We will give it a shot.” I went to bed that night, waking up the next morning to something amazing – I wasn’t as exhausted as I had been over the last several years. “Could it be the water?”  I immediately thought to myself. As the rest of the family woke up, I realized that all of their energy levels had greatly improved as well. That was one of the most amazing days in my life. Words cannot describe the feeling of being able to do things yourself once more. The house became alive with the bustle of activity and motivation as the whole family was now functioning properly once more. A week went by, then another, and before long the 30 days had passed by. We were still using the water in every way we could for our daily lives. From drinking to cooking, even bathing, the water was the primary solution to all of it.

I write this now (and stand before those wanting to see it) a forever changed person. I am no longer bound to the wheelchair all the time. I’m actually able to walk about for short distances. I’ve reduced my overall body weight by another 47 pounds since starting the water. I’m able to wear clothes I haven’t been able to wear since 1997. My pain levels have dropped to almost non-existent and my energy levels have vastly increased. I wake up each day looking forward to how much better my life and my family’s life will be improved. Our family has gained so much from our choice in water that I feel the need to express it to the world, “Take the time to listen. It could really change your life as it has changed ours.” – James and Milisa Evans – Sacramento, CA




“Hi my name is Don Ashman of Brooklyn, NY. I have been diabetic for 10 years now with problems including polyuria, losing my vision, poor sleep, dehydration, weight gain from the growth hormone medications and I became insulin resistant as a result of being obese. I was also at a time where gangrene entered my foot and I was in the hospital for 2 weeks coming to a point where my foot could have easily been amputated. I came across ionised alkaline water while I was traveling through Baltimore and finally decided to give it a try when I was in desperate need of a change. When I started drinking the water I immediately felt energy come back into my life. The neuropathy and tingling sensation left my toes in 5 days. This water was part of my losing 51 lbs as I was becoming healthy. Everyone was blown away at the speed of my recovery when I was at the hospital. I healed through this water and could very easily be without my left foot. This water allowed my body to heal itself. This miracle water has given me my life back.”  – Don Ashman (Brooklyn, NY)




“TRUE Story…..I have a friend, of a friend, that I was giving ionised 9.5 pH water to a couple of years ago. Unknown to me at the time, was that he had Diabetic Neuropathy in his feet His feet were basically purple because of the bad circulation. He called me after drinking it for 2 weeks and invited me to his boat where he lives. He showed me his feet and told me that his Dr. was talking about amputating his feet. He couldn’t work because he was a painter and couldn’t stand on his feet all day. He had no feeling in his feet and they just tingled sometimes! After just (2) weeks of drinking the 9.5 pH water his feet improved remarkably. He drank about (1) gallon per day. He told me that, to me his feet looked very bad, but to him they were already so much better. He couldn’t believe it. He now has feeling in his feet again and his feet are no longer purple. He purchased his own unit after 3 weeks of drinking ionised water and now he is back to work loving life!! TRUE story, he was even interviewed on the radio about this amazing come back!! He basically had to Hydrate his feet again!!” – Mark Abbink




A gentleman named Larry DeRemer from Myrtle Beach, SC who shared ionised alkaline water with a NY man who had diabetes and had been advised by his doctor that his diseased finger needed to be amputated.
diabetes2This series of photographs were taken over a 2 week period. The photo of the hand in its most diseased condition was taken on March 15th. The 2 follow up photos were taken on April 4th of this year.

This NY man came to Larry’s flea market in Myrtle Beach on the 15th of March and saw Larry’s ionised water sign. Larry told me that the man already knew about this water and wanted to try the water because of his diabetic condition.

The man began drinking pH 8.5 ionised on March 17th. He soaked his diseased hand in pH 2.5 strong acid water for 15 to 30 minutes daily and followed up each treatment with a pH 11.5 spray and an 11.5 soaked towel wrap. Within a 2 week period he had acclimated himself to hydrating with pH 9.5 water. His diabetic numbers had never been below 200 but within an 18 day period his numbers had fallen to 170 and within the same time period Larry tells me that the man lost 30 lbs. I understand that his fingers were saved! — at Charolotte, NC




“Hello to you all.  Just to let you know the WONDERFUL benefits of ionised alkaline water!!   First I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, chronic back pain, and thyroid issues where I had to take medicine for both my thyroid and diabetes.  Sometimes my back would be so bad I couldn’t get out of bed.  I do exercise (walk every day) and try to eat healthy but I continued to take medication for five years before my friend told me about ionised water.   My wife was familiar with alkaline water, she studied the benefits alkaline water can have for people with cancer or for prevention of cancers (she has a history of cancer in her family).   We didn’t hesitate getting the Enagic SD 501 and we couldn’t be happier and healthier!!  My diabetes is COMPLETELY under control (no medication) and I’m pain FREE!! My wife she calls are Enagic SD 501 machine her PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE MACHINE!!”Ryan C., Laguna Hills, CA




“My wife of 75 years young has had the following improvements with in two weeks of drinking ionised water.

Clarity of mind – That right. She could not go shopping without a shopping list or she would not remember what was on the list. Well she went shopping and left the list at home and remembered all 6 items. That may not sound like a lot but perhaps there are some people out there that can appreciate how big that is.

Much more energy – Digging in the yard which she would not even think of doing before we got the ionised water processor.

PLUS my friend who I give the water for free has diabetes and has been on the water for 2 weeks called me today and told his blood sugar went as low as 86. Something he has not had for years and his weekly average was down 39 points. And this is only after 2 weeks.”  - Stanley Braverman, Mesa Arizona

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