When should I drink ionised water?

The best time to drink ionised water has proven to be upon waking. After 6-8 hours of rest, your body needs water to aid hydration. Water first thing in the morning will hydrate your digestive system and cleanse organs before you eat breakfast; if you drink a glass of ionised water when you get up, the water will have moved out of your stomach before you eat. Your body is “cleaning” and “repairing” while you are resting. A good litre of ionised water first thing in the morning helps clean out all the toxins your body is ready to discard, before they can be re-absorbed and your body has work to get rid of them again.

Another time to drink ionised water is when you drink alcoholic beverages or soft drinks. These drinks are so acidic that it takes a great deal of alkaline water to balance acid (32 glasses at a pH of 9.5 to recover from every soft drink). For many years alkaline water has been known as a hangover cure in Japan. When alkaline water is consumed following alcoholic beverages, alkalinity neutralizes excess acids while electrons neutralize free radicals. Alcoholic drinks are acidic and dehydrating. Drinking ionised water is 6 times more hydrating than tap water, prevents the dehydration that manifests as a hangover; thus hangovers are either reduced or eliminated. One way to include alkaline water with other beverages is to make ice cubes from ionised water. Other than the above recommendations, drink water throughout your day. A good idea, have a glass of water by your desk or wherever you spend your time. This reminds you to keep drinking ionised water during the day, staying hydrated.

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